• Pulling together to create

    the future of Collections

  • The Consumer Relations Consortium is a membership group for forward-thinking creditors, technology providers, and larger collection agencies.


    The CRC has two primary areas of focus: Regulation and Innovation. We engage within the group and externally -- with regulators, consumer groups and other stakeholders -- to produce common sense legal, process and technology solutions that benefit consumers, creditors and servicers.


    An important hallmark of the CRC is that the group is small enough to remain nimble and creative, yet large enough to be impactful and representative of the industry.



    • Practical Collaboration

      Our mission is to pursue collaboration among agencies, creditors, technology providers and regulatory agencies to affect reform that is practical, and that enhances the consumer experience.



      The CRC takes the unique approach of proactive outreach to consumer advocacy groups. We seek to engage in high quality dialogue to bridge the gap of understanding and expectations often present between consumers and collectors, and to give regulators the benefit of hearing this in-depth discussion.

      Progressive Leadership

      The CRC is open to industry leading and progressive organizations that fall under the CFPB’s definition of "larger market participants" (LMP); creditors who seek a space to delve deeply into the compliance and operational issues associated with collections and agency management; and technology providers who are prepared to engage at the senior executive level (non-sales) to seek understanding of industry need and to develop collaborative solutions.



      Member organizations of the CRC have a considerable impact in the debt collection space. Collectively:

      • We represent or serve the largest U.S. financial institutions and consumer lenders, healthcare organizations, telecom providers, and other creditors.
      • We service every major asset class in the industry.
      • We initiate millions of communications to consumers every month.
    • How We Operate

      • In-person meetings with senior executives of all members three times/year (April, August and November) to engage with consumer groups, regulators, and others; to share operational issues and best practices; and to engage in education and feedback sessions that advance industry-leading innovation.
      • Regular Steering Committee conference calls provide guidance to CRC initiatives. There are two formal committees: Regulatory and Innovation.
      • The Regulatory Steering Committee provides input regarding outreach to consumer groups and regulators and authors proposals for discussion regarding relevant legal and compliance matters.
      • The Innovation Steering Committee provides input regarding our 'Better Way' initiative, and helps to shape how we spend our time during in-person meetings.
      • Regular member email updates inform members about the latest progress and activity, and serve as a mechanism to request input on specific initiatives.
      • Bi-monthly calls among technology leaders of member companies, allowing peers to problem solve and discuss best practices.
      • Regular meetings and discussions with regulators to provide perspective, expertise, and specific/practical recommendations for further consideration or implementation.
      • Regular engagement with consumer groups, think tanks, and others to encourage a deeper mutual understanding and to create the conditions for productive discussion and compromise.
    • Our Innovation Agenda

      The CRC provides a forum for a select group of senior technology, strategy, operations and compliance executives to shape understanding of the BIG technology issues redefining collections, and to collaborate on solutions

      Artificial Intelligence


      Identity Management

      Data Analytics

      Omni-Channel Communication

      Data Transfer


      Concepts Yet to be Developed

    • Leadership

      A Regulatory Steering Committee guides the advocacy vision and actions of the CRC


      Stephanie Eidelman – President & CEO, The iA Institute


      Committee Members:

      Pamela Baird, Esq. - General Counsel, Continental Service Group, Inc.

      Andrew Balthaser - VP Compliance, Expert Global Solutions, Inc.

      Tim Bauer - CEO, DCM Services

      Leslie Bender - GC & Chief Strategy Officer, BCA Financial Services

      Andrew Blady – General Counsel, NCB Management Services, Inc.

      George Buck - President Emeritus, Frost-Arnett Company

      Matt Clark - VP Legal & Compliance and General Counsel, EOS USA

      Tim Collins - Chief Compliance Officer, True Accord





      Howard Enders - President & CCO, Phillips & Cohen Assoc., Ltd.

      Michael S. Kraft – Outside General Counsel, Credit Control Services, Inc.

      Larry Laskey - VP & General Counsel, Windham Professionals, Inc.

      Steve Leckerman - Managing Director, Radius Global Solutions

      Alicia McKeighan - Chief Compliance Officer, AFNI, Inc.

      Michael Meyer - Chief Risk Officer & Chief Security Officer, MRS BPO LLC

      John K. Rossman – Attorney, Moss & Barnett

      Greg Stevens - Chief Compliance Officer, Central Credit Services

      An Innovation Steering Committee guides the development of pilot and benchmark initiatives to drive new solutions for the industry


      Stephanie Eidelman - CEO, The iA Institute

      Amy Perkins - Chief of Content & Industry Intelligence, The iA Institute


      Committee Members:

      Rozanne Andersen - VP & CCO, Ontario Systems

      Andy Balthaser - VP Compliance, Alorica

      Tim Bauer - CEO, DCM Services

      Ed Bray - Head of Collections & Recovery Strategy, Citizens Bank

      Tim Collins - CCO, True Accord

      Dereck Eastman - VP of IT, DCM Services

      Peter Ghiselli - VP Emerging Markets, TransUnion

      Isaac Goldman - COO, Vertican

      Boris Grinshpun - GM of CRM Product Group, LiveVox

      Paul Hemstock - CTO, DCM Services





      Jeff Hunter - Chief Administrative Officer, Convergent Outsourcing

      Karl Koster - Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Noble Systems

      Steve Manz - VP Analytics, Enhanced Recovery Company (ERC)

      Robert Marsh - CTO, NLP Logix

      Brian McManamon - SVP Financial Services, RevSpring

      Michael Meyer - Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, MRS BPO

      Dave Pauken - CEO, Convoke Systems

      Brian Robertson - CEO, VisiQuate

      Luis Summe - CEO, LiveVox

      Dan Womack - Director of Engineering, Ontario Systems

    • Membership

      Membership is open* to creditors, technology companies, and collection firms that meet the CFPB’s definition of “larger market participant,” that are willing to offer active executive participation, and whose leadership shares the principles outlined above.

      * Total membership is limited in order to maintain the intimate size of group conducive to the activities described above.

      Below is a list of current members. If you are interested in joining the CRC, please submit an inquiry using the form below.

      Afni, Inc.

      AllianceOne Receivables Management


      American First Finance

      ARS National

      BCA Financial Services, Inc.

      Beyond Investments (DAKCS/PDC Flow)

      Billing Tree

      Citizens Bank

      Coast Professional, Inc.


      Convergent Outsourcing, Inc.


      Crown Asset Management

      DCM Services

      EOS CCA

      Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC

      FCS Collects

      Firstsource Advantage LLC

      FIS-Complete Payment Recovery Services

      Frost-Arnett Company

      General Service Bureau/Early Out Services

      Global Receivables Solutions

      GM Financial


      Hunter Warfield



      MRS BPO

      Moss & Barnett

      National Recoveries, Inc.

      NCB Management Services, Inc.

      NLP Logix




      Nobel Systems


      Ontario Systems


      Performant Financial Corporation

      Philips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.

      PRA Group


      Radius Global Solutions


      Social Finance (SoFi)

      State Collection Service, Inc.




      The CCS Companies

      The CMI Group


      Unifund CCR, LLC


      Vital Solutions, Inc.


      Windham Professionals, Inc.

      Want to get involved?

      Let us know.

      We'd love to talk about your interests.


      Stephanie Eidelman

      Executive Director