• Pulling together

    to create the future
    of ARM technology

  • New from insideARM and the iA Institute

    The Innovation Council is a membership group for the industry's sharpest, most forward-looking executives.




    Because advancements in technology and creative approaches to old issues will be essential to success in the face of increasing regulation. And because the smartest minds will be more powerful together than on their own in developing today’s and tomorrow’s most innovative solutions.

  • What's the Innovation Council?

    A forum for a select group of senior technology, operations, and compliance executives to shape understanding of the BIG technology issues certain to redefine the ARM industry

    Artificial Intelligence



    Data Analytics

    Omni-Channel Communication

    Data Transfer

    Concepts Yet to be Developed

  • Who is Eligible to Participate

    CRC Members

    CRC Agency and Creditor members are automatically members of the Innovation Council

    Technology Providers

    A maximum of 15 providers of innovative technology for the ARM space

    Senior Executives

    Technology provider participants must be CEO/CTO/Chief Product Officer/Chief Compliance Officer (or equivalent). No sales people.

  • How Does it Work?

    Three in-person meetings per year

    The Council meets in Washington, D.C. For 2018 the dates are April 25-26, August 8-9, and November 14-15.

    Initiatives as decided by the group

    The group will determine what to pursue between meetings, such as pilot projects, sandbox ideas, focus groups, discussions with regulators, etc.

    Participation is based on contribution

    • Primary criteria for acceptance to the Council include product innovation, thought leadership, and the level of responsibility and background of those who will participate.
    • Technology providers must re-apply each year, and will be accepted based on value brought to the table.
    • CRC members will vote on the top three "innovators" among the technology providers each year -- these members are automatically approved for membership the next year, and will receive an "Innovators" logo they can display on marketing materials.
  • Let us know you are interested

    We'd love to talk with you about how you can participate