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  • Collecting the right debt, from the right consumer, the right way

    The Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) is a group of 30+ Larger Market Participants (LMP) in the debt collection industry who proactively engage with regulators and consumer advocacy groups to bridge the gap of understanding and expectations often present between consumers and collectors.


    The CRC was formed in 2013 by a group of industry executives who believed that a reasonable and knowledgeable voice was needed to address both issues and solutions in the collection industry. We firmly believed then, and even more so today, that communication – “relations” – is the key to respectful resolution of a consumer’s financial situation.


      Our mission is to collaborate with regulatory agencies to affect change resulting in industry reform that not only provides the best level of service to consumers but also ensures the critical role collections plays in the economic cycle survives, and allows product and service providers to continue to make affordable credit available to the Consumer.

        Proactive Outreach

        The CRC brings a unique approach to the marketplace by proactively engaging with consumer advocacy groups to bridge the gap of understanding and expectations often present between consumers and collectors. We believe that there is a true common interest among all constituents in the debt collection space; our work will yield solutions to issues that impact the ultimate stakeholder, the Consumer.

          Progressive Thought Leaders

          The CRC is open to industry leading and progressive organizations that fall under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s definition of "larger market participants" (LMP). While industry associations have been actively engaged in this area, the LMPs collectively have the reach and resources to champion customer-centric solutions. Our client footprint, volume of accounts serviced, and ability to affect meaningful change were paramount in creating the CRC. The CRC will seek to collaborate with industry associations and work to create a catalyst for change.

            Significant Impact

            The member organizations of the CRC have a considerable impact in the debt collection space. Collectively, these firms:

            • serve the largest financial institutions and consumer lenders in the country
            • service every major asset class in the industry including: credit cards, student loans, mortgages, auto loans, unsecured personal loans, healthcare, telecom, and utilities
            • initiate millions of communications to consumers every month

            Every stakeholder in the debt collection space has their own special interests. The CRC is a unique assembly of leaders that have a passion for fair, respectful, and progressive collaboration to address what is not working, and dispel misconceptions that persist in the debt collections space. We believe communication is the foundation for reform and ultimately success.

              How We Operate

              The CRC operates on multiple fronts:

              • Weekly meetings among a Steering Committee of members to coordinate outreach to consumer groups and regulators, to discuss strategic direction of the group, and to address current issues requiring member input.
              • Monthly member conference calls open to all members in order to inform about the latest progress and activity, as well as to gather member input on specific topics.
              • Monthly calls among technology leaders of member companies to problem solve and discuss best practices.
              • Executive meetings with senior executives of all members 3 times/year to engage with consumer groups, regulators, and others; to share operational issues and best practices; and to prioritize future focus and activities for the group.
              • Regular meetings and discussions with various government agencies to provide perspective, expertise, and practical, data-driven, recommendations for further consideration or implementation.
              • Regular outreach to consumer groups to encourage a deeper mutual understanding and create the conditions for productive discussion and data-driven compromise.
              • LEADERSHIP

                An Executive Steering Committee directs the vision and actions of the CRC to engage the various government agencies and consumer advocacy organizations that ensure collectors pursue consumer debt obligations in the professional manner that every consumer deserves. Current members of the Steering Committee:


                Pamela Baird, Esq. - General Counsel, Continental Service Group, Inc.


                Andrew Balthaser - VP Compliance, Expert Global Solutions, Inc.


                Tim Bauer - President, The iA Institute


                Leslie Bender - VP Governmental Affairs & Legal Counsel, BCA Financial Services


                Andrew Blady – General Counsel, NCB Management Services, Inc.


                George Buck - President, Frost-Arnett Company


                Dave Cherner - Attorney, Moss & Barnett


                Timothy Collins - General Counsel and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Convergent Outsourcing


                Bob Deter - VP Compliance, National Enterprise Systems


                Stephanie Eidelman – CEO, The iA Institute


                Michael S. Kraft – Outside General Counsel, Credit Control Services, Inc.


                Larry Laskey - VP & General Counsel, Windham Professionals, Inc.


                Steve Leckerman - Managing Director, Radius Global Solutions


                Michael Meyer - Chief Risk Officer & Chief Security Officer, MRS BPO LLC


                John K. Rossman – Attorney, Moss & Barnett


                Greg Stevens - Chief Compliance Officer, Central Credit Services


              • MEMBERSHIP

                Membership is open to all collection firms that meet the CFPB’s definition of “larger market participant,” that are willing to offer active executive participation, and whose leadership shares the principles outlined in the CRC’s Mission Statement.



                We welcome additional members who meet these criteria. If you are interested in joining the membership of the CRC, please submit an inquiry to info@crconsortium.org and we’ll follow up shortly.


                Current members include:

                Afni, Inc.

                AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc.*

                ARS National

                BCA Financial Services, Inc.

                Coast Professional, Inc.


                Convergent Outsourcing, Inc.

                EOS CCA*

                EGS, an Alorica Company*

                Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC

                Firstsource Advantage LLC*

                FIS-Complete Payment Recovery Services

                FMA Alliance, Ltd.

                Frost-Arnett Company

                General Service Bureau/Early Out Services

                Global Receivables Solutions*

                Hunter Warfield


                MRS BPO

                National Enterprise Systems

                NCB Management Services, Inc.*

                Northland Group

                Philips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.

                Radius Global Solutions

                State Collection Service, Inc.

                The CCS Companies

                Unifund CCR, LLC

                Vital Solutions, Inc.*

                Windham Professionals, Inc.


                * Founding member


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